Disney Female Characters Hairstyles

look at that, Belle’s hairstyle is apparently very simple and yet she managed to be the most beautiful of them all. :)

(picture not mine)


One word I want to say - AWESOME!!!


How to make GIFs for Tumblr

GIFs tell a story unlike any png or jpeg. You can make a gif from any video file or set of images. Each image makes up a frame, or a point in the animation sequence.

GIFs have grown in popularity on Tumblr and other social media platforms, Mashable History of the GIF.

GIFs gem circa the 90’s,

& now we have sophisticated video clips & detailed animations,

Option 1 - GIF in 4 Steps (Beginner):

  1. GIF Generator: https://imgflip.com/images-to-gif
  2. Upload an image, a video from your desktop or paste a YouTube link
  3. Set you delay, quality, etc. 
  4. Download your GIF

Advantages: Quick and easy
Disadvantage: Watermark from website, limited width and height, pre-set fonts & effects

Option 2 - GIF with Photoshop (Intermediate/Advanced):

  1. Download Photoshop. Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) allows for a free 30 day free trial of Photoshop
  2. Open Photoshop application
  3. Start a new Photoshop document (File > New) and choose “Preset: Film & Video.” This will give you preset guides.
  4. Open the Timeline panel, go to the top bar menu, Window > Timeline
    There are 2 options for animation, “Create Video Timeline” or “Create Frame Animation”
  6. Choose “Create Frame Animation”
  7. You can make your GIF from a video file (find an easy repeatable motion) or any set of images (layers)
  8. For Video: File (from top bar) > Import > Video frame to layers > Select range only (this will add the frames automatically to your video timeline)
  9. For Images: File (from top bar) > Place Embedded (add as layers)
  10. For images, use the add new layer button with each change in animation. 
  11. Continue to add frames to your Timeline by switching layers on and off in your layers pallet (File > Layers) then clicking add new frame
    For an easy fade effect, select the layers of the animation so far. Hold down your left mouse while holding alt and drag them to the right to make a copy of the frames. With them still selected, toggle the more tab on the top right of the timeline box, click on reverse frames.
    Set your repeat:
    forever, 3 times or once.
    Save out your gif. File (top bar) > Save for Web > GIF

  15. Above is the basic animation from a few layers and a reverse frame animation. 

Follow this detailed tutorial to get some hands on practice with Photoshop animation to make a rocket blast off! 

Advantages: Photoshop give you complete control over your animation, fonts, rate of animation, animation fade effects/tweens (effects between 2 frames). 

Disadvantage: Must own Photoshop or download software and have some basic Photoshop skills

Our favorite Tumblr GIF artist, mrgif

I have these thoughts so often I ought to replace that slot, with what I once bought cause somebody støle my car radio, and now I just sit in silence


Darth Vader Self Stirring Mug

The force is definitely strong in this mug. In fact it’s so strong that it can stir itself. Well actually, you do have to push a button for it to stir, but people won’t know that, just tell them you’re a Jedi and you’re practicing.


jaime + cursing | for lily


This is not my picture, just my edit. I got it from- http://weheartit.com/link/YcJ9pU xo


How many Mexicans does it take to build a kick drum? 👨👨👨👨


50 Deadliest Movie Games